Thursday, February 23, 2012

SPX Daily - Thursday, Feb 23

@ 4 PM

If higher top is in the cards, we may see it Friday or Monday.
1367 could just be (i) of minuette vii.

@ 12 Noon

Top, No Top.... The saga continues...


  1. here's an idea ...

    SPX made LD (following RUT example) 2 wave in progress ??

  2. Vega,
    Many Markets Approaching
    Short Term Highs
    and sell signals.

    1. Scotty,
      Some Fib times relationships are coming together on Feb 25.
      Oct 4 to Nov 28 is 55 days.
      Nov 28 to Feb 25 is 89 days.
      Since 25th is Sat, it could be Fri or Mon.
      1376 will satisfy equality, 218 pts, with the first leg up since Oct 4.

  3. I'm noticing the SPX now doing what the RUT has been doing ... lots of LD and 3 waves ... ED's have 3 wave moves...and the 3 waves have been consisting of A (LD), B (3 full legs), and then a 5 wave impulse for C

    It's an ED pattern (3,3,3,3,3)

  4. if you're interested -- for an example (with a projection) -- see my post "ED Pattern - count"

    or check out the RUT chart and see the same things