Friday, February 24, 2012

SPX Daily - Friday, Feb 24

@ 4 PM

Reasonable chance that Minor 3 topped today. Or it could just have been (i) of (iii) , and not the entire (iii).
Confirmation will be needed next week.

@ 12 Noon

Higher high is here, but it is likely go a bit higher.


  1. Vega - be aware of an ED scenario which makes sense at the end of major rallies! It would whip traders around good. (bad)

    I tried to spell it out on my post today...

  2. Another high cannot be ruled out.

    RUT however is very interesting.
    Looks like some kind of sideways consolidation
    which will end with a burst higher.

  3. it seemed to be a whole week ahead of the SPX ... In % RUT is +38 in this wave vs. + 27% for SPX