Saturday, September 17, 2011

Elliott's Complex Correction

Elliott's Complex Correction as illustrated in Nature's Law. [ PDF Download here ]

Prechter's notations for a complex correction, EWP Page 53. [PDF Download here]

Prechter corrupted Elliott's complex correction by introducing his WXYXZ notation and insisting that each of them be a standalone corrective pattern, an abc or a triangle.

And eliminating the "fractal" that any one of those 11 waves can be a combination correction in itself.

That is why Elliott carefully avoided abc labeling in complex corrections, because he noticed it is not possible to count every triple as an abc, and the only requirement he stated is that it be a triple.

I think this observation was lost on Prechter and he decided to label every triple an abc.
Elliott's labeling schemes leaves the door open for a triple to be an abc as well.

Example of a complex correction. 

Take a closer look at the Miinute 4 on this chart, and try to count the subwaves for waves w, y and z.

You will find that they cannot be counted as an abc corrective pattern per Prechter's notation, but are a combination correction themselves.

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  1. Hello, can you provide another example on how we should label a complex wave structure which is different to Pretcher's version of the WXYXZ