Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SPX Daily - Tuesday, Nov 15

@ 4 PM

What exactly happened in the final 30 minutes?


  1. vega - I was thinking the poke up to SPY 126.75 was a b of subwave 4 - with the 4 wave low around 125.00.
    Move off top be b-4 could explain the late day heaviness?

  2. http://jeffreygtc.blogspot.com/2011/11/tuesday-november-15th.html

  3. Wekk I don't get it anymore. I've been trading markets for over 30 years and the distortion and blind eyes to the real facts has me astounded.

    You have Italian 10 TYY's over 7%, Spanish yields approaching similar levels, CDS's reaching record levels and the markets ignore it and don't get me started on the MF global disaster. As a MF client I am totally "p" off and want(make that demand) to see heads roll!

    Can't investors see that the bloody contagion is growing?

    This can only end badly, I have never seen markets so oblivious to what was on the door step but is now banging down the door!

  4. Oh one last thing.

    Thought I wouldn't be saying this again this side of 2013 but the USD is looks like going alot higher very soon.

    Above its 50dma and climbing. In fact 7 out of the last 11 closes have been above the 50dma