Friday, November 4, 2011

SPX Daily - Friday, Nov 4

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  1. Vega - just noticed your comment from a few days ago - somehow it was in the SPAM comments box - lol

    you mentioned 'devolving' "Global trade goes into reverse gear and so on. We de-globalize. And the world starts "devolving"."

    As I've been thinking about all this financial system chaos over the years -- I came to the conclusion that 'devolving' is exactly the solution. I look at a society that worked extremely well - and I think of the native american culture (living in tribes) where all decisions are local and meaningful. Interestingly enough, I have just come across a book about society and economics called "Small is Beautiful - economics as if people mattered" I haven't read it yet though.
    So, yeah, perhaps 'devolving' is EVOLUTION. Most of what we think of as modern society's advancement - just serves to make things more disconnected and less personal, less human.

  2. Lifestyle , at least in the developed West, has become so disconnected from Mother Nature. It is neither natural nor sustainable.

    Sometimes I think I should go back to cultivating crops and raising cattle :)

    However, devolution will be a slow, time consuming process. It will take several decades.