Friday, October 28, 2011

SPX Daily - Friday, Oct 28

DAX appears to have completed a 7-wave retracement today, right at a Fibonacci time ratio of 45/134 = 1/3.


  1. Germans are about to maybe wakeup that they've been shafted and the problem is still there?

    I can't believe the markets have swallowed the announcements so easily and I am even more in disbelief how many analysts have turned bullish this week on what to me, looks like a BIG FAT BULL TRAP!...but therein lies the problem I guess when you throw out all sense of rationality and allow greed to cloud your better judgement.


  2. Over the years, markets have taught me to give irrationality, greed, stupidity, denial their due place while trading.

    Past several weeks have made me realise that I need to give them even more room than I have allowed.